New IPC Standards For Printed Circuit Boards

NEW IPC-A-610F Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies IPC-A-610 is the most widely used standard for circuit board production in the world. IPC-A-610F illustrates acceptability requirements for electronic assemblies with over 814 colour images and illustrations. Topics include flex attachment, board in board, part on part, lead free, component orientation and soldering criteria for through-hole, SMT (new […]

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CMP Consumables Market Resumes Sustainable Growth

The global CMP consumables market has resumed its growth trajectory prior to the 2008-2009 recession. At over $2.0B, 2013 CMP slurry and pad revenues are up 6.0% over 2012, and 2014 is projected to be up an additional 2.2%, according to a new report  “CMP Consumables 2014 – A Critical Materials Report“.  By 2019, the […]

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IPC Standards For PCB Design and CAD

IPC-7351B Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard IPC-7351B includes both the standard and an IPC-7351B land pattern calculator on CD-ROM for accessing component and land pattern dimensional data. The calculator includes the document’s mathematical algorithms so users can build a land pattern for a corresponding surface mount part quickly and accurately.The tool […]

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CCTV Market Outlook 2020

The CCTV market has risen exponentially in recent years across the globe due to rising concern for security and safety. Growing usage of CCTV in various sectors, such as hospitality, education, retail, etc. has created huge growth opportunities for CCTV manufacturers, distributors and operators. Over the past few years, many countries across the globe have […]

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Market for Gigabit and Above Connectors and Cable Assemblies is Expected to Top $9.4 Billion in 2014

The overall market for Gigabit and above connectors and cable assemblies is expected to top $9.4 billion in 2014. The largest market by far is Ethernet. While 40G Ethernet ports are now mainstream, 100G is just starting to be implemented in LANs. With a double-digit 5-year CAGR, 100G connector products and cable assemblies are anticipated […]

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Soaring Sales of Consumer Electronic Devices Drives Growth in the Consumer Batteries Market

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS announces the availability of a comprehensive global report on Consumer Batteries markets. Global market for Consumer Batteries is projected to reach US$40.8 billion by 2020, driven by booming sales of consumer electronic devices and technology innovation in battery chemistries. Market Research Report on Consumer Batteries Batteries are ubiquitous energy storage devices that find […]

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Growing Security Concerns & Increasing Construction Activity Drive the Global Electronic Security Systems Market

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS announces the the release of a comprehensive global report on Electronic Security Systems markets. Global market for Electronic Security Systems is forecast to reach US$98.2 billion by 2020 driven by growing safety and security concerns across the globe and rising construction activity. Electronic Security relates to the use of technology and electronic devices […]

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Demand for Electronic Computing Devices and Specialized Applications Spur Growth in the Optical Coatings Market

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS announces the availability of a comprehensive global report on Optical Coatings markets. Global market for Optical Coatings is projected to reach US$13.2 billion by 2020, backed by surging demand for electronic computing devices, increased penetration of photovoltaics, and expanding applications for innovative coatings. Defined as thin layers of materials applied on substrates for […]

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Worldwide Cellphone Subscriptions Forecast to Exceed Worldwide Population in 2015

However, the “unique” cellphone subscriber base is quickly approaching saturation. ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS announces a new “2015 IC Market Drivers Report” update.  The report contains analyses on The Internet of Things, tablet PCs, smartphones, automotive electronics, medical and health systems, wireless networking and many other fast growing electronic systems.  An excerpt from this new 500-page report […]

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Military Electro Optical Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Market

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS announces the availability of a new report entitled “Military Electro-Optical / Infrared Systems Market Forecast to 2020“.  According to this new study,  the total value of global Military Electro-Optical/Infrared Systems Market is expected to reach $16.35 Billion by 2020, to register a CAGR of 7.71%. Electro-optic Infrared (EO/IR) systems provide militaries with exceptional […]

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